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Howdy :)

Liss beat me to it, hehe. But yes. PLEASE introduce yourselves, and perhaps explain any reasons behind you being a sadist or what inspired it or whatever. You never know, your story/ies might be inspirational to someone else here :)

I started this community, because like many others I thought for years that I was the only person who was so sadistic toward my favourite band. And then I met Angie (my_gothic_blood) and started meeting so many other people that were unbelievably into it. So how many of us ARE there?

Another reason. There is a distinct lack of sadistic Hanson fanfiction on the internet these days, and we seem to be suffering as a result. We're not considered in the same league as slash (though I guess a lot of stories would intertwine both), and slash seems to be indefinately more popular. Personally I'm repulsed by it, but of course I can't speak for everyone else and I do respect the interests of others. Perhaps because I've been ridiculed for my own interests for so long...

So anyway...

I'm 18 and been writing Hanfic since I was 10. It became sadistic when I was twelve, and only continued to get 'worse' (all the more fun for me!) throughout the years.

I'm easily inspired by movies mostly, and a lot of true-life stories such as kidnappings/murders. Recently I've been watching Red Dragon at least once a day and I'm still completely engrossed in it every time I watch. It makes me want to write, and I absolutely adore Hannibal and his views. I agree with pretty much everything he has said.

When I was younger, I was an avid fan of MacGuyver. I'd stay up late from when I was only a baby to watch it with my Mum. As most of you probably know the MacGuyver theme - always getting in and out of trouble - that's the theme all my stories took on. Most of my stories do rely on suspense and I like to consider my main genre 'Thrillers'.

I admit to picking on Taylor mostly. He's just too darn easy to pick on I guess. But normally when sadism comes to mind he's always the first I see. He stopped being my favourite Hanson brother in 2000, but he's always been the focus of my writings.

Writing itself... I've been writing since I learnt how to. I remember writing a story when I was only 6 about a cat that wanted to learn how to fly, and I'm sure that's when my love for writing started. I began taking it more seriously when I was about eight, and soon took over my mother's old typewriter to write up stories about teenagers being held prisoner and escape attempts and general 'I don't want to die' scenarios.

When I was 10 and Hanson came onto the scene, I'm not even sure what happened. Suddenly something clicked, and I had the perfect characters for what I wanted to write. So I bought some spiral binded books and began writing my stories by hand. The first Hanfic I wrote was a sort of test... it was six pages in length and about Zac and a girl 'swapping bodies' in a sense. The next story became the first of a series - it was entitled 'Prisoners' and you can guess what it was about. It became 57 pages long.

It's first sequel, Prisoners 2, was written the next year when I was 11 turning 12. It came to 32 pages. The third in the series didn't start until I uncovered the original book with the first two stories and decided to continue midway throught he next year. I began including my friends as characters, as they were easier to picture in my mind and I needed to see everything vividly for it to make sense to me - let alone anyone else.

The third story became something like 150 pages long, which was completely unexpected. The fourth story was started two years later (I'd gone on to start other Hanfic stories during the writing of P3) and is unfortunately still in the works.

Anyway, this is getting long. hehe. I have a LOT of unfinished stories at the moment. Stand out ones that I'm working on are Going Bush, After Hours and Lust - all of which I started at least two years ago. I never plan my stories. I just get a basic idea for a story outline and start writing, thus why most never get finished.

To date I am most proud of my fic Dream Doctor - 110 chapters long and completely full of sadism. I had no idea what it was going to turn into as I was writing it (it was originally only supposed to be 15 chapters long).

And... yeah. That's about it. The stories I'm willing to let anyone see (or the ones I feel I'm close to finishing anyway) are being archived at Stay Dreaming (Liss' archive).


You don't have to write an intro that long, hehe. As a writer I guess that part of me took over for a moment...
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