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Since everyone is introducting themselves I might as well to. My name is Angela but I go by Angie. I first started writing Hanson fanfiction when I was...I dunno I think I started 1 story one day when I was in 6th or 7th grade but my interest started a bit before Hanson...I think about 5th grade maybe 4th grade. I like the show the tomorrow people and always had weird thoughts and then I just sorta got into bondage from there. Then when I started liking Hanson it just seemed to fit perfectly. When I first got a computer I looked and looked for stories and there were a few amazing ones out there I would read but never save so unfortunatly I lost quite a good few stories. I didn't think there was anyone out there with the same interest, but ran across Furby's prisoner stories and emailed her from there. In my stories I like to have Hanson tied up alot and of course in a situation they can't get out of with some crazy person or idiot and other forms of "villans". Hopefully I get some inspiration soon, it's dead at the moment.
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