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From my Hanfic Convicted:

“Well, I suppose we’d better get on with something.”
Taking hold of the spray can, she made her way back over to Taylor. He watched her, wondering what she was about to do. She revealed her knife.
“This might hurt a little…” she mentioned, before making a large slit between each of the fingers on his left hand – without hesitation.
“Holy…” he cut himself off before he swore.
She did the same on the other hand, as Taylor held his breath.
“Now… seeing as you were going to make such a racket last time if I hadn’t have stopped you, you’re going to have to be silenced yet again,” she groaned, as if she didn’t want to do it.
Taylor regretted admitting to himself that his hands were shaking. He couldn’t stop them. AC then put the can down yet again, and disappeared behind him to where she’d previously acquired ropes and such things. She returned with a ball of cloth and some thick silver tape. She roughly thrust open his jaw and stuffed the cloth in, before quickly placing a piece of tape over his mouth. He grunted.
“Now now, you know why I have to do it. We don’t want to disturb Miss Grumpy next door,” AC indicated the next room.
There was a sudden yell from Zac.
“Although she’s not exactly returning the favour,” she frowned.
She stood still for a second, then shrugged to herself and went to fetch the can again.
“Now this could hurt a little…” she warned, smiling slightly.
He closed his eyes, before feeling a light spray over his left hand. If the gag hadn’t of been in place, he would have sworn. More than sworn. Which is why the gag was there. And that was before she did the same to the other hand. She laughed at the expression on his face, before quickly leaving the room.


AC stopped at her door to once again listen in, but she heard no sound. She slowly turned the doorknob and entered the room to find him just where she’d left him… still cringing from the pain.
“Sorry I took so long,” she said, closing the door behind her.
He only glanced at her for a split second, before closing his eyes again. As she got closer to him, she saw his fingers and knuckles going white.
“You’re gonna use up a lot of energy doing that,” she commented, watching him with her head to the side.
She stood still for a moment, then went over to the bench, set the bottle down, and took out a small clear dish. She put only a little alcohol in the bottom, swirled it around, then grabbed a small cloth and made her way back over to him. He opened his eyes to a squint when he realized she was coming for him again. She slowly dabbed the material into the alcohol, then without hesitation, began to slowly smear it over his cuts. His eyes widened suddenly, as he almost gave a loud exclamation – only stopped by the gag. She shook herself – as if with delight – and continued until all the cuts had been covered. Then she stood back to admire her work. The blood had basically stopped flowing, but she knew there’d probably be more pain that way. The mace had almost set on his skin, and the alcohol had seemed to ‘trigger’ it into action again. She smiled.
“Cool,” she commented.
She cocked her head, watching the expression on his face change.
“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.”
Taylor opened his eyes again to see what she was talking about, just in time to be sprayed in the eyes. He immediately knew what it was. Even with the gag in his mouth, it couldn’t stop the exclamation that left his throat.
“Ooh, that one hurt, huh?” she chuckled.
Reflex tears began to seep from his eyes, trying to wash the mace away. He almost felt as if he couldn’t take it anymore. Then she left the room again.

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