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Welcome :)

Welcome to the Hanson community just for self confessed sadists. This is no place for the squeamish.

I know I get random visions at any given time of one or more of the Hanson brothers in a sadistic situation, and I have nothing to do with them. Why not be able to share them with others who may get something out of it? This isn't a community for posting Hanfic, rather it is a community to post random ideas that you wish people could see but you fear you may never use.

Be as descriptive as you like, and have fun! Remember to keep long posts behind an LJ-cut (if you don't know how to that, just ask) and if there's anything sexual involved please cut it and include a warning in the post. Thanks!

Your moderator,
p.s.: By all means, start a new entry and introduce yourself :)
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