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First Entry :)

I'm happy I finally have somewhere to put this. It's something I was writing while I was talking to someone on MSN and I just suddenly got the idea for. This was a few years ago, so Zac had long hair/etc.

right now i'm thinkin zac held down onto a table by his throat in a dark room
now i'm thinking taylor in chains
and ike just got knocked unconscious by a block of wood
now he's laying on the floor, blood flowing away from his head
but he's not dead
taylor's crying
zac was slapped, and stunned by the hit
he got pulled up and thrown against the wall near taylor who tries to make sure he's ok
they're hugging, as someone walked over to ike
taylor's still crying
zac's real tired
he's wearing a blue shirt, i know that much
light blue with long sleeves
ike moaned suddenly, and tried to pull himself to his hands and knees
the guy who threw zac grabs ike by the back of the shirt and throws him against the opposite wall
he hits it and falls to a sitting position, closing his eyes in pain
the man walks over to him, and bends down to say something
he wants him to choose which one of his brothers is to live, and which he's to kill
taylor looks up in surprise, but doesnt let go of zac
hes scared
well, they all are, but he's more
ike starts crawling away, but backs into a corner with the man just inches from his face
zac finally pulls away from taylor, and they both watch on
the only light in the room is from a single red bulb over to taylor's left
the man started yelling at ike, who refuses to say anything
he yells that if he doesnt choose, they both die
aggrivated by ike's silence, the man turns to taylor and zac and begins towards them
zac turned to taylor and they kind of stared into each other's eyes for a moment before hugging again, tighter
then zac's pulled away, and swiftly hand cuffed to a pipe or something
he cowers under the man's shadow, and is trapped
the man growls, and walks back over to ike
taylor pulls on the chains, hoping for some release
the man pulls ike from the ground, and slams him against the wall yelling 'choose'
ike held his breath shakily, closing his eyes
the man took hold of him again and slammed him back to the wall, again yelling 'choose'
then he pulled out his gun and held it's side against isaac's face
he murmured his answer
the man smiled, and let go of him, letting him sink to the ground and burst into tears
the man armed his gun and turned to the younger brothers
he marched towards zac and raised his gun... only to turn at the last second and pull the trigger in taylor's direction
it's not often i think of killing someone... *is worried*
umm.... just about ike crawling over to zac and hugging him, then the man leaving the room
no, it wasn't zac, it was taylor


Hope that put a smile on someone's face :)
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